Großer Priel Ordeal

Großer Priel Ordeal

I have been already taking pictures in Hintere Hetzau valley located on north east side of Totes Gebirge and observed the highest mountain of range Großer Priel (2515 m). When times come I will go there.

During the week I have been planing to get some action on local klettersteigs in above by mentioned area. Weather was good over week but the nature had different plans like usually and I have been forced to move my plans on Sunday.


Großer Priel Ordeal

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The Photo of Month – June

The Photo of Month – June


During the light training for a climbing I have carried a three kilograms of photo gear like usually.

Most of pictures have been taken by film camera and I struggled to have some pictures for the photo of month June.

Photo of Month - June


Tech details:

Canon EOS 5D MArk II + Canon EF 70-200mm@93mm f/4L IS + HOYA HD Polariser. Hand held  1/160s, ISO 100, RAW converted by DxO Optics Pro Elite


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International Mountain Summit Photo Contest

International Mountain Summit and Photo Contest

My friend Tomas Hajek has noticed me about an upcoming event of every mountain fan the International Mountain Summit. Apart from the summit, full of living legends such as R. Messner and P. Habeler, there is also a public photo contest.

I “suffered” well to get this picture and I had no other choice than share my story with my fellow “sufferers”.

As a mountain fan you wonder what I have submitted right? For the story behind the image wait no longer and read full post.


International Mountain Summit

We are champions…


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Photo contest results – Trierenberg Super Circuit 2014

Results of  photo contest Trierenberg Super Circuit 2014


Few months ago I have attended the photo contest and written about it here. I did my best but none of my images were chosen by jury.


A man can fail many times, but he isn’t a failure until he begins to blame somebody else.” ~ John Burroughs


It seems to me that these public photo contests share same fate as sharing photo web sites and media. It is all about HDR, Photoshop tricks lacking a concept and story behind the picture. The most popular images have nothing to do with nature but they reflect modern society. All based on lie and illusion of perfection. I have no clue what is going there. I just wonder what is point to bother about these contests. Perhaps I misunderstood my place and audience.

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National Geographic – Traveler Photo Contest 2014

National Geographic – Traveler Photo Contest 2014


I have entered a prestigious photo contest for legendary National Geographic. I said to myself what the hell…what should happen. NOTHING if I don’t enter and see what happen. I picked up images with a concept and story I have experienced.

If you want to see what I have submitted then check out rest of the post.

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The Photo of Month – May

The Perfect Storm of Month


Bad weather lately, endless rains and floods in some areas. The Perfect May Weather. I was getting ready for summer already. Not many chances to shoot anything or go anywhere. I could only sadly watch mountains and rage of the nature. But there is always sun spells behind the every corner and the Photo of Month – May has been born.

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Great photo books from a great master

Great books about photography from +Alain Briot

Everybody starts as tourist snapper. Later on we become tired of organising all this crap we’ve brought out home from travels. We naturally starts to wonder why few pictures are great and most sucks. I started to look for great photo books from great masters.

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How photographs are made – climbers at work

Did you wonder how photographs are made? Why we carry extra weight of camera gear? It may cost climber’s life!

First, I love two things at once. I love pushing limits of my self since only limit is your self ! Mountains are window into the soul. Most easy way to find out who you truly are. And I love the simplicity of Nature. Survival of most fittest. There is no SOCIAL SYSTEM to save you, only your wisdom and skills will save you!

Second, I love to create art because when I will be dying I can recall my wild life in so called flashback! And there is hell of the lot memories. Question is do you have too great memories? If not get up and go outside and live !!!

Result is I carry 3kg of photo gear to share my wild world with you.

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5th Annual The Great Outdoors – Outdoor Photographer contest

“5th Annual The Great Outdoors”

Is the title of contest I have attended. It has been announced by prestige american magazine Outdoor Photographer. Submitted pictures are almost same like in Trierenberg supercircuit conest

I have submitted following pictures.

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