Know the secret to simple yet stronger photographs

Are you tired of misleading informations and chaos created by forced marketing of photo industry?

You're on right place because you will learn how to become an artist and what really matters in the Art of Light.

Be prepared for the Shock & InspireNM therapy or die misinformed!

Why the hell would I bother?

  • You will not learn rubbish you already know from e-experts who never created any decent picture (from popular photo magazines, sharing sites and forums)
  • you will learn what really matters to be an artist/photographer
  • you will save lots of money because tools don't matter.
  • you will never waste energy again by the "BEST" syndrome
  • and all is FREE!

Why the hell would I learn from you?

Because you've already wasted enough energy and time by learning, but you didn't learn anything useful...We're both alike, but I've already wasted my energy and time to learn what really matters.

Only question left is, do you want to suffer more or be inspired?

I have so much to teach you

It is hard to explain billions of sensory data in primitive human language; that's why I've created HajesmatixNM. Simple system for creating strong images.

Please bear with me

I am currently working on simple workflow to teach HajesmatixNM. It requires substantial amount of energy and time to simplify years of experience. I am not professional and do all in free time.

Meanwhile, practice some important keys of success (power of observation and inspiration) in my eGallery created by HajesmatixNM.