Start with WHY – I show you HOW

If you don't know WHY you do it - it's impossible to know HOW to do it.​ Tools and techniques are just a cherry on a cake - You need a damn good cake to make a masterpiece.

​Nothing is worst than a sharp picture of fuzzy concept  ~ Ansel Adams

Products and services​

Why I do it

    • I am an collector of strong experiences - photography is the way to immortalise my memories
    • If you don't risk - you don't live
    • I merely modernised photography - fundamentals of arts never change​
    • Modern society is ignorant and self-destructive
    • The Mother Nature is Greatest Artist I know
    • I just materialise her masterpieces before modern humans destroy all

​This site is under heavy re-construction

I'm not a professional and do it all in my free time. This is my eMyself - the collection of my colourful life.

It takes substantial amount of energy to recall all my memories as far as thirty years ago. It is hard to describe billions of sensory informations in primitive human language.

I rather be in the nature - but it needs to be done

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