A Photo of The Week – LPM contest

I have attended yet an other photo contest on a leading online magazine “Landscape Photography Magazine” or just LPM

I have submitted a following image, which seems to be most popular across the infinite space of internet.

The Beauty And Beast

Self portrait of Hajes

My friend has complained about no picture of myself. Since not many people dare to go where I usually “live” and work. It is hard to get decent picture of myself. High Quality version of picture is just click away…in case you wish to count my last remains of hair.

Hajes self portrait

Hajes caught at work

Hajes at work

Hajes caught at work

Medium format system arrived

My new camera system has just arrived. It consist of camera body Pentax 645N with 120 inserts and following lenses Pentax Pentax 645 SMC-A 80-160mm F/4.5,
Pentax 645 SMC-A 45-85mm F/4.5 and Pentax 645 SMC-A 120mm F/4.0 Macro.

I just love this camera, it is like it has been designed by Albert Einstein according to his wisdom “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

There is no MENUS, no useless settings. You just turn the knobs and shoot.

I am currently testing functionality of new photo system with Fuji Velvia 50 and Fuji Provia 100F films.